Making Waves
with Snacks


We’re committed to using the power of the ocean to create unique,
delicious jerky that fuels the body and benefits the planet.


Surfsnax was created by salmon fishermen for snack lovers everywhere. When we found a way to create salmon jerky without the fishy flavor, we knew we had to share it with the world!

Our sustainably farmed Atlantic Salmon is a testament to the time-honored traditions of the past, infused with a modern twist. It’s time to swim upstream and change the way you snack, for good!

Sustainability and
Environmental Responsibility

ditch the beef.
embrace the waves!

You might not know us, but we know you. (Ok, we don’t know you. But we can guess a lot about you!) You’re fed up with choosing between meat-filled snacks that leave you feeling icky or “healthy” alternatives that sacrifice flavor for nutrition, right?

Yeah, we are too! That’s why we created Surfsnax.

Say goodbye to the beef and hello to ocean- fueled snacks that are nutritious and delicious!